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Born in Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) in 1972, Tanja Gant is a contemporary, realist portrait artist who resides in Texas. She discovered her passion for pencil and portraits very early. Being self-taught she drew throughout her childhood and later on during the Bosnian war. Since becoming a full-time artist in 2010 she has won numerous awards in regional, national, and international competitions and has had her work exhibited in as many shows throughout the country. Her work has also been published in several books and magazines, most notably: International Artist Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, and a series of Strokes of Genius books. Tanja’s drawings are in permanent collections of the Art Renewal Center (ARC) and the European Museum of Contemporary Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain; as well as private collections throughout the world.

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       -     35th Texas and Neighbors Regional Exhibition, Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX                         


        -    FINALIST - Portrait Society of America Members-Only competition (outside the box category)

        -    Group Exhibition “Contemporary Realism”, Gallery 1261, Denver, CO

        -    FINALIST, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 123rd Annual Open Exhibition, National Arts Club, New York, NY

        -    29th Annual Holiday Miniature show, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

        -    FINALIST - Richeson75 Figure/Portrait Exhibition, Richeson School of Art and Gallery, Kimberly, WI

        -    SECOND PLACE: Clay Pitzer Memorial Award - Breckenridge Fine Arts Center’s 28th Annual Exhibition, Breckenridge, TX

        -    FINALIST - Manifest Gallery INDA 14 book

        -    Salmagundi Club Award for Graphics - Allied Artists of America Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY

        -    THIRD PLACE (drawing category) - 34th Annual Texas and Neighbors Exhibition, Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX; jurors: Susan Roth Roman & Jordan                                     Roth)

        -    Derwent / MacPherson’s Art Award for Exceptional Merit - CPSA 27th Annual International Exhibition, City of Brea Art gallery, La Brea,                                                    CA; juror: Jean Stern

        -    Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art’s (WMOCA) International Biennial Portrait Competition, Wausau, WI; juror: Margaret Bowland                          

        -    SECOND PLACE (dry media category) - Richeson75 Small Works Exhibition, Richeson75 School of Art and Gallery, Kimberly, WI                                            

        -    FINALIST - 14th Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon

        -    Group Exhibition “I Observe” - Rehs Contemporary Galleries, NYC, NY             


    -   8th PLACE – Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition (Non-Commissioned Portrait category)

    -   FINALIST - Richeson75 Portraits/Figures International Exhibition, Richeson Art School  and Gallery, Kimberly, WI

    -   SECOND PLACE - Portrait Society of America Texas Members Only Exhibition - Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge, TX; Juror: Tina Garrett

    -   THIRD PLACE - New Orleans Art Association National Art Show, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, New Orleans, LA; Juror: Qiang Huang

    -   FINALIST - ViewPoint50, Greenwich House Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

    -   GOLD MEDAL - 33rd Annual Bosque Art Classic Exhibition (drawing category), Bosque Arts Center, Clifton, TX; Juror: Jason Rich

    -   HONORABLE MENTION - 27th Breckenridge Arts Center’s 27th Annual Juried Exhibition, Breckenridge Fine Arts Center, Breckenridge, TX; Juror: Beverly                        Boren

    -   FINALIST - Colored Pencil Society of America’s 26th Annual International Exhibition, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL; Juror: Mark Pascale

    -   FINALIST - Hudson Valley Art Association 85th Annual Exhibition, Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, CT; Juror: Edgar Jerrings

    -   SECOND PLACE (dry media category) - Texas & Neighbors 33rd Regional Art Exhibition, Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX; Juror: Lyle Novinski

    -   BEST SOCIAL COMMENTARY AWARD – 13th International ARC Salon 


    -   HONORABLE MENTION – The Conroe Art League 3rd Annual Invitational Exhibition, The Gallery at the Madeley Building, Conroe, TX; Juror: Peter                                  Andrew

    -   BEST OF SHOW - Center For Contemporary Arts 1st Annual Juried Exhibition – CCA, Abilene, TX; Juror: Randy Meador

    -   SECOND PLACE– Pencil Art Society’s 3rd Annual Online Exhibition, Juror: Linda Lucas Hardy

    -   Lore Degenstein Gallery’s 9th Annual Figurative Drawing and Painting Exhibition – Lore Degenstein Gallery, Selinsgrove, PA, Juror: Alia El-Bermani

    -   Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art’s (WMOCA) 1st Annual National Juried Exhibition – WMOCA, Wausau, WI, Juror: Alyssa Monks

    -   FINALIST - Art Kudos Online Competition

    -   FINALIST - 32nd Bosque Art Classic, Bosque Arts Center, Clifton, TX, Juror: Teal Blake

    -   CLAY PITZER MEMORIAL BEST OF SHOW - the Breckenridge Art Center’s 26th Annual Juried Show, Breckenridge, TX; Juror: John Cook

    -   BRUYNZEEL/ROYAL TALONS AWARD FOR EXCEPTIONAL MERIT - Colored Pencil Society of America’s 25th Annual International Exhibition, the Mansion at                    Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD; Juror: Joann Moser

    -   FINALIST - The Red Clay Survey Exhibition, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL; Juror: Gerry Bergstein

    -   The Manifest Gallery’s 4th Annual “DRAWN” Exhibition, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati,                          OH

    -   FINALIST - Hudson Valley Art Association’s 84th Annual Juried Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY – Juror: Sabin Howard

    -   HONORABLE MENTION - Texas National Juried Exhibition, the SFA Galleries, Nacogdoches, TX – Juror: Benito Huerta

    -   FINALIST - International Artist Magazine’s People & Figures Challenge #98

    -   FINALIST - Richeson75 Small Works Exhibition, Richeson School of Art and Gallery, Kimberly, WI

    -   HONORABLE MENTION - the Conroe Art League Invitational Show, Conroe, TX


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       -     “I Observe”, Rehs Contemporary Galleries, NYC, NY (2019)

       -     “Painting Today/Pintando Hoy”, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain (2019)

       -     13th ARC Salon, MEAM, Barcelona, Spain (2019)

       -     29th Annual Holiday Miniature Show, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO (2019)

       -     28th Annual Holiday Miniature Show, Abend Gallery, Denver, CO  (2018)

       -    “Women Painting WTF They Want”, Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach (2017)

       -    “Chevere”, Sirona Fine Art Gallery, Hallandale Beach, FL (2016)

       -    “Freak Out”,  Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL (2016)


Colored Pencil Society of America

Portrait Society of America

American Artists Professional League

Allied Artists of America


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